Artwork by Jill De Haan

Artwork by Jill De Haan

Welcome to Adirondack Hike for Hope!

First and foremost I would like to thank everyone for our first successful year of 2016 (see ADK Hike for Hope 2016 section).  All of our efforts have paid off and Dr. Nguyen's study on exercise curbing side effects of radiation and androgen deprivation therapy is in full swing after we raised an impressive $11,195 with help from our many and generous supporters. Thank you again to all of you!

We are hoping to have a report on the study soon.  Meanwhile, here is a letter from Dr. Nguyen : 

Dear Supporters of ADK Hike for Hope,

I wanted to let you know how thrilled and grateful my research team are for your support of this important research initiative that seeks to determine the potential benefits of exercise for men with prostate cancer who are undergoing androgen deprivation therapy (“hormone therapy”).  This study is a collaborative effort between the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and the Harvard School of Public Health.  Your funding is critical to us being able to pay for the exercise physiologist and research assistant that we need to do this trial and provides the seed to get the trial launched as we seek additional funding.  We are very grateful and look forward to giving you an update as the study progresses!

Many thanks,
Paul L Nguyen, MD

Brigham and Women’s/Dana Farber

Harvard Medical School


We decided to take 2017 off to organize the 2018 ADK Hike for Hope, so please stop back here for updates, and stay in touch!

Many warm regards,