Thank you 

I want to thank the staff at Brigham and Women's Hospital which include the technicians at the radiology department who brightened my every day during treatment and especially Dr. Nguyen and his lovely and helpful nurses, also a special thank you to Dr. Eliezer Van Allen, my amazing oncologist (the Van Allen Lab at Dana Farber) at Dana Farber Cancer Institute, the staff and guests at Astra Zeneca Hope Lodge Boston, our personal trainer Anthony Lawrence at BodyScapes Longwood Medical location, all my friends in the US and in Europe, my family in Sweden, Arizona and Rochester, my wife Kristina, the love of my life, and my support dog, Lena Horne, the best dog in the world.


100% of the funds go directly to Brigham and Women's Hospital and the research study without deduction for expenses of any kind.

Patches and posters will be shipped at the very latest between September 5 - 10, at no cost. Posters will be sent rolled up in a sturdy card board tube. We will not take responsibility for posters damaged shipped by USPS, please understand. Poster can be picked up locally in the North Hudson area.

Please contact me if you have questions or if you want a collaboration with ADK Hike for Hope©, or if you would like to donate outdoor gear or equipment that we can pass on to donors as special bonus gifts.