Hike for Hope 2019

I am excited to begin our third fundraising cycle since our start in 2016 - you can find information about our past by clicking History.

This years Hike for Hope will be a 90 mile canoe trip through parts of the Northern Adirondack Forest, an old transportation route used in the 1800’s to transverse the Adirondack Mountains from the Eastern lakes region. It goes from Old Forge to Lake Flower, which is part of the Saranac Lake region in the High peaks. 

During the trip I will be passing by Inlet where I grew up and grew to love the Adirondacks through my fathers summer camp for children, Camp Eagle Cove. I hope to complete the trip in five days or less and has approximately four or more miles of portages. Please go to Blog to follow the journey and get updates. 

Once again, this all focuses on spreading the awareness of cancer research as well as the importance of exercise, keeping ones mind and body strong for a healthier life in the daily rigors of living with cancer or just living,  raising funds for the Metastatic Prostate Cancer Project, a genomic research study for men with advanced or metastatic prostate cancer. This is a very important patient driven study that could lead to innovative treatments of the second most deadly disease for men.  

Please donate by clicking Donate, any amount helps, and please tell the men in your lives with prostate cancer to register at Metastatic Prostate Cancer Project. 

We have added links to our page for valuable resources for patients, caregivers, family and friends. I have also launched a podcast called Cancer Confidential, where I talk to a fellow patient and good friend, Scott McClatchy, and also speak with Dr. Eliezer Van Allen and others about prostate cancer and prevention among other topics. 

The main goal is to get the word out about a disease that is rarely discussed and yet affects over 160,000 men each year in the US - 30,000 of which will not make it. A tough subject, but together we’re moving forward.  

The Metastatic Prostate Cancer Project is a nationwide genomic research study for men with advanced or metastatic prostate cancer, that want to generate the most comprehensive genetic database that will be shared with an entire research community, to accelerate important and potentially lifesaving discoveries. The research team is lead by my oncologist at Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Dr. Eliezer Van Allen, it was through him that I came in contact with the project.

The Metastatic Prostate Cancer Project can lead to important studies in genomics that in turn can lead to lives saved. To reach that goal it is important to engage patients with prostate cancer directly, connect with them and ask them to become part of the study. We are here to get the word out to all men with prostate cancer that you are not alone.  

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